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Rob J. de Boer

Rob J. de Boer

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Curriculum vitae

Rob J. de Boer is a full Professor of Theoretical Biology at Utrecht University since 2004. He studied Biology in Utrecht, and did his PhD in Theoretical Immunology with Paulien Hogeweg at Utrecht University in 1989 (cum laude). After his PhD he did a postdoc with Alan Perelson at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, with whom he continued to collaborate. In 1991 he returned to Utrecht University as a staff member Theoretical Biology.

Scientifically he is mainly active in the field of Theoretical Immunology, investigating population dynamics and host-pathogen evolution in the immune system using mathematical models, computer simulation models, and bioinformatics.

He is the author of more than 211 publications (h-index 49), winner of the prestigious NWO Vici award for research in Theoretical Immunology (2004), editor of several international journals, fellow of the external faculty the Santa Fe Institute and a long-term collaborator to the Los Alamos Laboratory (both since 1992). He teaches courses in Theoretical Biology at Utrecht University, and at various international summer and winter schools.