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Monica Garcia Gomez

Monica Garcia Gomez

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In our group we use multiscale models to study the mechanisms regulating the pool of stem cells in the root apex, with the aim of understanding how the size, patterning and regenerative capabilities of the quiescent center (QC) is regulated in different species.

While the genetic, hormonal and metabolic mechanisms participating in the regulation of the root stem cell niche of Arabidopsis have, and continue to be uncovered in great detail, it is unclear how these mechanisms operate in roots of other plant species. To accelerate the translation of the developmental processes described in Arabidopsis, we use multiscale models to understand the divergent mechanisms that produce the patterns and organization observed in the root apex of different species, and to assess the consequences of QC size on root growth in optimal and challenging conditions. Expanding the understanding of how the QC is regulated is important as this is a reserve of multipotent stem cells necessary to withstand environmental stresses.

Towards this goal, ongoing projects in the lab are:

  • Uncovering the self-organizing mechanisms underlying root tip regeneration with a multi-scale model
  • Agent-based models of the intracellular transport of key patterning regulators
These projects are being developed in close collaboration with experimental groups.

For opportunities to join the group, and potential collaborations: