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Benjamin Planterose Jiménez [post-doc] is modeling cellular fate decision making in the postembryonic M lineage of C. elegans by fitting dynamical system models with experimental omics data. With a wide international academic experience (Spain, UK, Switzerland and Netherlands) and originally trained as an experimental biochemist, he specialized in computational biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics during his PhD (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam), with a focus on human epigenomics. Outside the lab, he enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments and jamming with other musicians. Benjamin is co-supervised by the Tsingos and Ten Tusscher groups.

Saber Shakibi [post-doc] is modelling cellular migration via a hybrid model of cell and extracellular matrix. He uses a combination of cellular Potts and bead-spring models to study cell migration in the presence of the extracellular matrix. Originally trained as a structural engineer, he specializes in multiscale modelling and computational material science in mechanobiology with a specific focus on cancer.