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Berend Snel

Integrative Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics Group

Berend Snel

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Research Summary

My main scientific interest is in utilizing "omics" data and especially genomes to understand function and evolution of complex biological systems. Three research lines serve to achieve this understanding

  1. In depth phylogenomics of specific eukaryotic cellular processes, most prominently the kinetochore and the eukaryotic core transcriptional machinary.
  2. Inspired by findings from these in depth studies, we seek to contextualize the evolutionary phenomena we observe. Hence we also study general genome evolution of core eukaryotic cellular processes including their origin during eukaryogenesis.
  3. In all of the above research we frequently encounter limits in existing approaches to study genomes evolution. To overcome these limits we develop novel approaches to perform comparative genomics and phylogenomics.

Keywords: Evolutionary Genomics, Comparative Genome Analysis, Evolution of protein-protein interactions, evolution of protein complexes, Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions, Pathway Evolution, Modularity in Genome Evolution, Orthology, "Invention" of Gene Families, Distant Homology, Gene Duplication.


Basten Snoek, Staff Scientist / Lecturer
Josephine Daub, Lecturer
Sam von der Dunk, PhD student
Carlos Santana Molina, joint Postdoc with Anja Spang
Laura van Rooijen, PhD student
Max Raas, joint PhD student with Geert Kops
Anne van Grinten, MSc student
Savvas Tzavallas, MSc student

Former team members