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Daniel Tamarit

Archaeal and Bacterial Evolution Team

Daniel Tamarit

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Research Summary

Recent advances in sequencing technology and computational tools have generated heaps of bacterial and archaeal genome data, which include an incredibly detailed sampling of model organisms as well as the continuous description of novel microbial lineages. The rapidly expanding diversity of the known biosphere, combined with the sheer amount of accumulated data, provide incredible opportunities for biological research.

The main goal of our team is to investigate fundamental questions in archaeal and bacterial biology. To get there, we integrate genomic and evolutionary analyses with the ambition to unlock biological principles hidden within genome sequences. Additionally, we build tools that facilitate these analyses. Current major themes in this team include:

  • What are the principles governing bacterial and archaeal genome architecture?
  • What can the genomes of novel microbial lineages tell us about basic evolutionary processes?
  • What is the shape of the tree of life?