Utrecht Center for Quantitative Immunology

Leila Perie

Leila Perie

Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics
Faculty of Sciences, Utrecht University

Immunology group
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
The immune system is composed of diverse, functionally distinct cell types that each contributes uniquely to immune responses. During adulthood, these diverse immune cell types originate from hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) though a process called hematopoiesis. My research interest lies in understanding quantitatively how this diversity is produced during immune cell differentiation. To tangle this question, I combine experimental and computational approaches of single cell lineage tracing.

Five key publications

  • Perie L, Hodgkin PD, Naik SH, Schumacher TN, De Boer RJ and Duffy K. Determining lineage pathways from cellular barcoding experiments. Cell Reports, February 2014, 6(4):617-24.
  • Gerlach C, Rohr JC, Perie L, van Rooij, van Heijst JW, Velds A, Urbanus J, Naik SH, Jacobs H, Beltman JB, de Boer R and Schumacher TN, Heterogeneous differentiation patterns of individual CD8+ T cells. Science 2013, May, 340(6132):635-9.
  • Naik SH, Perie L, Swart E, Gerlach C, van Rooij N, de Boer R, Schumacher TN, Diverse and heritable lineage imprinting of early hematopoeitic progenitors, Nature 2013, April, 496(7444):229-32.
  • Perie L, Aru J, Kourilsky P and Slotine JJ. Does a quorum sensing mechanism direct the behavior of immune cells? CRAS biology, 2013, January, 1(336):13-16.
  • Perie L, Nascimbeni M, Chorro L, Diocou S, Kreitmann L, Louis S, Garderet L, Fabiani B, Berger A, Schmitz J, Marie JP, Molina T, Pacanowski J, Viard JP, Oksenhendler Amar O, E, Cheynier R, and Hosmalin A. Plasmacytoid dendritic cells accumulate in spleens from chronically HIV-infected patients, but barely participate in interferon alpha expression. Blood 2009;113(24):6112-9
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