Translating GRIND commands into grind.R

GRIND grind.R
2d plane()
3d cube(); (after sourcing the extension cube.R)
axis plane(x=, xmin=, xmax=, log="xy")
bifurcate see the examples logisticMap.R and chaos.R
bye obsolete
calculator obsolete (use R)
continue continue()
cursor not implemented
display obsolete
eigen newton()
erase obsolete
export use RStudio's graphics window
finish run(tmax=, tstep=)
format obsolete
grid plane(portrait=TRUE)
help not implemented
integrator run(method=) (see ?ode)
keepvar f <- run()
load use R's read.table()
macro make your own R-function
mode for trajectories use run(traject=TRUE)
newton newton()
noise use run(after=)
nullcline plane(show=)
option several options have replacements:
option adjust obsolete, but see the chaos.R example
option backwards see the separatrix.R example
option initial the pch option in run()
option map use run(method="euler"); see the logisticMap.R example
option mark newton(plot=TRUE)
option points run(draw=points)
option positive run(after="state<-ifelse(state<0,0,state)")
option truncate play with: run(after="if(min(state)<0)break")
output run(show=)
parameters p
perturb see the separatrix.R example
plot use R's plot() function
poincare not implemented (see chaos.R for an alternative)
rgb redefine colors[]
readfile obsolete
run run()
shade not implemented
takens see the examples logisticMap.R and chaos.R
timeplot timePlot()
triangle not implemented
value not implemented
vector plane(vector=TRUE)
where not implemented; s provides the initial state