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Publications: 2002

Theoretical Biology / Bioinformatics Group, Utrecht University

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A computationally efficient electrophysiological model of human ventricular cells.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol., 282: H2296-H2308. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.

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Procedures for reliable estimation of viral fitness from time-series data.
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Memorizing innate instructions requires a sufficiently specific adaptive immune system.
Int. Immunol., 14: 525-532. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.

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Reconstitution of naive T cells during antiretroviral treatment of HIV-infected adults is dependent on age.
AIDS, 16: 2263-2266. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.

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Mathematical models of human CD4+ T-cell population kinetics.
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Space and the persistence of male-killing endosymbionts in insect populations.
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J Mol Biol., 319: 1257-1265. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.

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Prediction of proteasome cleavage motifs by neural networks.
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Web-based Tools for Vaccine Design.
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Modelling Dictyostelium discoideum morphogenesis: the culmination.
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Spiral breakup in an array of coupled cells: The role of the intercellular conductance.
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Wave propagation in an excitable medium with a negatively sloped restitution curve.
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Instability of a three-dimnsional linear vortex in a simple model of a heterogeneous excitable medium.
Biofizika, 47: 111-115. MEDLINE.

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Variety identification of wheat using mass spectrometry with neural networks and the influence of mass spectra processing prior to neural network analysis.
Rapid. Commun. Mass. Spectrom., 16: 1232-1237. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.

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J Virol., 76: 8757-8768. MEDLINE. DownLoad PDF.