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Publications: 1991

Theoretical Biology / Bioinformatics Group, Utrecht University

Boerlijst M.C. & Hogeweg P. (1991a).
Self-structuring and selection.
In: Langton C.G., Taylor C., Farmer J.D. & Rasmussen S., eds., Artificial Life II, pp. 255-276. Addison-Wesley. DownLoad PDF.

Boerlijst M.C. & Hogeweg P. (1991b).
Spiral wave structure in pre-biotic evolution: Hypercycles stable against parasites.
Physica D, 48: 17-28. DownLoad PDF.

Hogeweg P. & Hesper B. (1991).
Evolution as pattern processing: Todo as substrate for evolution.
In: Meyer J. & Wilson S., eds., From Aninmals to Animats, pp. 492-497. MIT Press. DownLoad PDF.