Qbio honours programme

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The QBio course (4.5 EC) will start May 28th and finish June 15th 2018. This three-week QBio course is an extension of the masters course Systems Biology. The Qbio course will start one week earlier than the Systems Biology course. During this first week, you will be working on two assignments that will be used as selection criteria for your admission to the Qbio honours programme. Both assignments will be performed by groups of two students coming from different disciplines (e.g., a mathematician and a biologist, or a chemist and a biomedical biologist, etc)

  • Preparing a pitch on your group partner's bachelor/master project
  • Preparing a lecture about one of the five journal club articles that were discussed in the period Jan-May 2018. The lecture will be given during second or third week of the course to all students taking the Systems Biology course.
Next to these assignments, we will ask you to write a reflection on your thoughts about interdisciplinary research and how they are developing during this course (portfolio).

The program for the first week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11-13 Self study Self study Qbio Phd projects and lunch: Rutger Hermsen and Jeroen Meijer (Kruyt O116) Qbio Phd projects and lunch Peter de Greef and Nicky Scheefhals(Kruyt O126) Self study
13-15 Self study TED workshop (Kruyt O116) Self study Self study Self study
15-18 Self study TED workshop (Kruyt O116) Self study Self study Interdisciplinary Pitches (Kruyt O116)

As you can see a lot of self-study time is reserved to organize meetings with your partner in your group for the two assignments. For the second assignment, we expect you to prepare your lecture using other relevant research papers, to contact research groups (especially the group of the PI who lead the discussion during the journal club) to obtain further insight, explanation and possibly hands on experience, to obtain deep understanding of all aspects of the selected research paper, theoretical and experimental. The lectures will take place during the second and third week of the course.

During lunch sessions we will invite PIs that are working in a truly interdisciplinary research line. These sessions are very informal and the idea behind them is to present examples of scientific carriers of the succesfull interdisciplinary researchers. Which studies did they have? When did they for the first time see the need for looking for solutions from another discipline? How did they learn the principles of the new discipline? How did they start new colleborations?

For the program on the second and third week see Systems Biology course page. Your reflection assignment should be handed in at the end of the course.