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Open positions:

PhD position Theoretical Immunology

We are looking for a PhD student with a keen interest in combining mathematical modelling with immunology. Our aim is to apply current models for the renewal of stem cells to the maintenance of memory cells in T cell repertoires. In order to study whether or not stem cell renewal can help to account for the maintenance of a diverse repertoire of memory T cells, we will extend current stem cell models with competition between many "clones" of T cells. We will vary the underlying mechanisms regulating stem cell renewal to study which of these best agrees with the rich experimental data on memory T cell kinetics and repertoires.

This PhD project is funded by the Netherlands science foundation (NWO), which will cover a PhD salary for 4 years. Candidates must have experience with mathematical modeling, and have to be interested in biology (and preferably immunology). You will work in a Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics (TBB) group working on various areas in biology, and become part of the Utrecht Center for Quantitative Immunology (UCQI).

If you have experience in mathematical modeling and an interest in biology and/or immunology, please contact Prof.dr. Rob J. de Boer for information.